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Creating an Account and Digitally Signing Your Disclosures

This step-by-step guide will walk you through creating your account, if not already done so, to access your disclosures and digitally sign them.

Creating an Account & Digitally Signing Your Disclosures

Thank you for allowing Supreme Lending to provide your mortgage financing. Loan disclosure documents are sent electronically and can be viewed, eSigned, saved, and printed from the electronic document portal.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through creating your account, if not already done so, to access your disclosures and digitally sign them.

For the best experience, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer.


STEP 1: Log In or Create Account & Log In

Via an email, you receive from our team, there is an encrypted link provided that will take you to our secure portal to access your disclosures. When using this link, you will see an introduction with your first name. This lets you know you’ve used the correct link and are the intended recipient associated with the loan. Each borrower on the file and anyone on the “title only” will receive this type of communication.

By using the link within your email, it will connect your loan file & disclosures to your account.


STEP 2: Create Account & Log In
If you’ve not already created an account, follow the instructions provided and create your secure account. This account will provide access to sign disclosures electronically and access to upload requested documentation and additional disclosures throughout the process.

Account Resources

  • Sign Disclosure Digitally & Securely
  • Upload Supporting Documentation Securely
  • eConsent Authorization


STEP 3: Authentication Code
You will be asked to enter your authentication code. This code is generally the last four digits of your social security number. On occasion, Title Only, individuals will use the same Authentication code as the Primary Borrower.


STEP 4: Tasks – eSigning Your Documents
After logging into your account, select Tasks on the left navigation panel. Once there, you’ll see your option to sign documents. Click the Sign Documents button to begin reviewing and signing your disclosures. If you have any questions about the disclosures, reach out to your Loan Officer for guidance.


STEP 5: eSigning Process
There are a few steps involved when digitally signing your disclosures. Our systems are powered by DocuSign, so the process may be familiar to you.

  • After selecting Sign Documents, you will be asked to continue by selecting NEXT.


  • You will then select START to begin signing disclosures. The title of each will appear at the top.



  • You will click at all locations within the document to add your signature.



  • If this is your first-time signing disclosures within our system, you will be asked to Adopt Your Signature Style, Draw your signature, or Upload a signature.


  • Once all documents have been reviewed and signed, you will select FINISH to complete the process.



STEP 6: Confirmation eSign Documents Completed
After you’ve completed the review and signing of your disclosure(s), you will see a notification letting you know you’ve completed your task(s).
If you have any outstanding Tasks, please take a moment to complete those.



Congratulations! You’ve completed eSigning your disclosure(s).

If you have any questions, reach out to any of our team members.